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Good morning VGA readers. I have some interesting auctions on my watchlist I want to showcase for you today. I don’t think anything is going to beat the seller who ordered 10 Earthbound games off back in 1995 (lol!) but some are interesting still so let’s get this ball rolling:

First auction is surprisingly still getting demand after all these years. It’s hard to believe I can say “all these years” for a title like Gears of War 2 but it’s true. When the game came out you had the option of getting the limited collector’s edition which came with the art book and a downloadable “gold lancer” or “gold hammerburst”. The gold hammerburst is rarer than the lancer. You would put the code in when logged on xbox live and retrieve the gold gun for online play. A few years later and it still is in demand! Check it out Gold Hammerburst downloadable code.

Other Video Game Auctions:

Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core PSP

NES Lot Flinestones at Dino Park, Chip & Dales 2

Super PC Engine Fan Deluxe Vol 2

Sega CD: RPG Bundle

Nintendo 1960s Karuta Cards

5 Nintendo game & watch wrist watches

Super Nintendo Wild Guns

Metroid Zero Mission cardboard store display

Sam And Max Relief Poster

Lunar Silver Story Poster

Congo Pinball Graphic Signed by Artist Kevin Brown

Super Nintendo Lot Great Titles

Nintendo Team Power Pin Collectible Welcome to the Rank

Nintendo Zelda 1988 Puzzle Game

Zelda Winwaker Bobblehead

Zelda Vintage Wind-up

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  • Joseph
    Apr 12, 2011

    It’s interesting how many of those Zelda Bobbleheads are showing up on Ebay. I thought they were extremely limited? And only given to Nintendo employees and the press!! I wonder how many there really are :/

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