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Lunar Silver Star Story and Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Auctions

Seller nfhn_stuff has put up a bunch of auctions relating to the Lunar video game series on the PlayStation.

Lunar has gone through some transformations as the original release on Sega Saturn in Japan, then turning up on the Sega CD and finally on PlayStation. The version on the Sega consoles are very different than the PS version, however, the PS version is filled with more visuals, and the soundtrack is of higher quality. Wiki doesn’t mention anything about the release of of Lunar on the Sega CD which is surprising, but since Wiki’s an open source it’s not going to be 100% accurate(which is why it’s an open source 🙂 ).

Anyways, seller nfhn_stuff has listed many items in relation to the game, and that some of the auctions are even signed by designer Victor Ireland. These auctions have awesome buy-it-now’s, and if you’re into that whole “factory sealed” collecting these auctions are for you!

Lunar Auctions:

Lunar: Silver Star Story Lot Brand New & Signed$99 buy-it-now
Lunar Silver Star Counter Display Promo$44.99 buy-it-now or best-offer.
Lunar 2 Eternal Blue Mint – buy-it-now $97.99
Lunar 2 Mint Strategy Guide$74.99 buy-it-now
Lunar Silver Star Story DEMO Cd Signed by Victor Ireland – Buy-it-now $29.99

Seller also has:
Vanguard Bandits Factory Sealed Signed with Guide Brand New – Buy-it-now $129 or best-offer
Grand Theft Auto IV Sticker Set Promo – regular auction

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • ryan
    Mar 20, 2011

    Wow! Lunar was one of my favorite games growing up and it’s a crying shame to see these games go at such a low price!! :'(

  • Kenji
    Mar 20, 2011

    Ya I know it’s a shame because it’s worth a lot more. The one at $99 was bought already which I’m not surprised because I was going to buy it.

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