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M.U.L.E signed By Danielle Bunten Berry Plus More Video Game Autographs!

I was able to find enough interesting video game autographs to bunch them up into one post. I thought this would be better for those collectors who concentrate only on signings. There are some interesting ones out there such as this M.U.L.E Atari 800 Game Signed by Danielle Bunten Berry.

The seller explains the reasoning of the high price tag which is largely due to the rarity of having Berry’s signature: “This is a very rare item from computing history. The Ariolasoft UK release of the classic trading game M.U.L.E. However what makes this piece incredibly special is that is it hand signed by Danielle Bunten Berry. For those that don’t know Ozark Softscape was founded by Dan Bunten who was head programmer on Mule, in 1992 he underwent gender reassignment to become Danielle Bunten Berry. This item was signed in 1995, 3 years before she died of lung cancer. This is an absolute one off. I have other versions signed by the whole team but nothing signed “post surgery” by Dan. All my signed items were signed in person with me present. They are all 100% authentic. ”

Click here for M.U.L.E signed By Danielle Bunten Berry

Other Video Game Auctions:

Koffi: Yellow Kopter for the Atari 5200 – “This is Kofi: Yellow Kopter for the Atari 5200. First Edition, Hand signed and hand numbered by the author, Ron Lloyd. Both the box and cartridge are signed and numbered. Includes box and manual and cartridge – everything that came with it. This is #79”
Nobuo Uematsu Autographed Distant Worlds Program – The program is also signed by Arnie Roth.
Mario Lemieux 66 Hockey Puck – Ok I cheated here as this isn’t an “actual autograph” but instead it’s printed. I believe Mario Lemieux 66 hockey package was one of the first “collectors” package to also have a cool “gift” attached with the purchase of the game.
Utopia for Intellivision complete in box – Signed by Don Daglow Programmer Designer.
Call of Duty MW3 Hardened Edition – Signed by Two of the Developers of MW3; who signed them… well that’s yet to be clarified…

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