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Mafia II Gun Lamp, Metal Slug 3 Travel Mug Box and Rare Games

One of the most interesting kinds of collectibles in my opinion are the promos that aren’t released to the public. Press kits are the more common example of what I’m talking about but what’s even more attention-grabbing are statues, replicas and other displayable items given only to a select few connected to the developers. The following item is exactly that. Riku actually listed one of these a couple weeks ago which is crazy because there are only 200 in the world.

Mafia II Gun Lamp – These lamps were given to 200 people within 2K and others that were decided worthy to have one. The most recognizable owner of one of these would likely be Snoop Dogg…

Snoop Dog with Mafia II Gun Lamp

Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Sheik Statue – This statue from F4F was limited to 2500. The one in this auction is #1096.

Caltron 6 in 1 (NES) – This auction was sent over to us by Tony. It’s a very rare mulit-cart known for the story of Myriad buying up and re-labelling some of them. We have detailed that story a couple times here on VGA already so I wont go into that right now. 😉

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Promo Box – A nice promo for MGS Peace Walker. This auction was sent to us by H.J. Ruiter and they have another one…

Metal Gear Solid 4 Promo Box – Same as the above but this one is a MGS4 promo. Very nice art on each side.

Wild Guns SNES Complete (PAL) – Here’s a hard to find game that is a lot of fun. Some of the best boss battles you will ever find in a game like this.

Metal Slug 3 Travel Mug Box Set (PS2 JP) – This box set from Japan includes a nice metal travel mug. The box looks great and would suggest keeping it together if you decide to bid.

Halloween (Atari 2600) – James Rolfe as the Angry Video Game Nerd made this game more widely known and has created some competition in buying one of them. This one is complete with manual and box.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Atari 2600) – Another horror movie game for the Atari 2600 featured in an AVGN episode. Once again, this game is complete with manual and box.

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