Game Boy Japan Import Limited Edition Statues

Manhunt Pigsy Statue, Peetan, Booby Boys and Chalvo 55

There’s only 8 hours left for this ultra rare Manhunt Pigsy Statue. I don’t remember where you could have bought this Pigsy statue, but I know that a bunch of them were given away as prizes, specifically as the grand prize in the Rockstar Manhunt “Killer Giveaway Contest.

Only 500 of these statues were made. I haven’t seen too many of these on eBay, and one of these statues actually sold for $1009 back in 2007! The fact that Rockstar didn’t make much merchandise for the game makes collectibles like this very attractive. I was going to feature the statue in the “Featured Header” Image, but the statues too ugly!

Manhunt Pigsy Statue Auction

Game Boy Games from Japan:
Seller cultcollector has auctioned off some nice games over the past week that were only available in Japan such as Rendering Ranger: R2. He’s just listed some other great Japanese Game Boy titles. If you really want one of these games your best bet is to go on Yahoo Japan, I’m pretty sure you can find these titles there:

Peetan Game Boy Game
Chalvo 55 Game Boy Game
Booby Boys Game Boy Game

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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