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Manic Game Girl, Pokemon Red & Blue EB Banner and Promos!

Today’s showcased auction is Manic Game Girl, a rare PSX import game. This game was only released in Korea, and any collector of imported games knows that getting anything out of Korea is very hard (ex: Neo Geo, Saturn, MSX).

Manic Game Girl is one of the rarest PS titles, and many gamers who stumble upon this game become curious after reading about it. Just check the video clip below if you don’t believe me :). To briefly describe it, the games about a girl who discovers that she has special powers, and any time danger is around the corner she transform’s into a specialized armor suit(check end of video below). What is the exact plot of the game? Well you’ll need to decipher the back of the jewel case since it’s all in Korean but you’ll need to get a copy first! From the looks of it, the game was very well done, and the graphics for it’s time was very impressive. By watching the intro of the game, it has a certain charm to it. The game was released in 2002 by Joycast Entertainment. If you’re interested in checking this rare game out, it’s on eBay right now: eBay Auction found here

Promotional Items on Auction:

Pokemon EB Games Original Laminated Launch Banner – This is the only one on eBay. It was used for the release of Pokemon Red & Blue for the Game Boy back in 1996. This particular banner was obtained from an EB employee. I’m not sure the exact dimensions but I’m sure you can ask the seller. **Thanks Twistybit!

Grand Theft Auto IV Art Blockbuster Promo – This was a framed picture you would get if you pre-ordered GTA4 at Blockbuster.

FF7 Squaresoft Preview CD – These preview CD’s are becoming more scarce now, especially sealed like this one. Although the Japanese preview CD is more sought out, this is still a decent collectors item.

Crash Bandicoot 3 Playstation Promo Bag

Balloon Fight Nintendo Promo Japan$0.99 auction!

Mega Man 10 Promo Poster$25 buy-it-now. I love the art for the game!

Sega Dreamcast Space Channel 5 Floor Promo

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