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Mario Kart 7 Trophy Coupe Special, 1982 Nelsonic Pac Man Game Watch Store Kiosk and More!

So after receiving this awesome Super Mario 7 Trophy as a submission by our friend Nightram, I did some more research to find out that this trophy was only available to European Club Nintendo members. You needed to accumulate 5,000 point, yes, I’ll say that again…. 5,000!! I think when I  really tried I was only able to get 2,000 points, and this was after years of game collecting and purchasing points off eBay (yes, I can say I purchased points ladies and gents). So, I can’t imagine accumulating 5,000 points unless I never wasted my previous points. It’s just a head ache figuring out which games carrying points, which games you have already used and so forth. I guess I am making a big deal about it since I have less and less time on my hands as before. But cheers to anyone who managed to get this bad boy trophy! Definitely stands out in the collection.

But, for 1500 EURO’s you can save yourself the hassle of getting 5,000 points and figuring out how to get this trophy from Europe. But, I think most of us would spend those extra hours/or/days instead of spending that kind of cash. Is the trophy really worth 1500 EUROS? Who knows, to the right collector it’s worth that much but I can say that this trophy will gain value as the years pass by since 1). It was exclusive only for European Club Nintendo Members, 2). The attainability factor is high (5,000 pts + have to be in Europe), and 3). They are highly limited so this is a formula for a highly sought out collectible in the future. Have yourself a look!

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Good luck!

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1 Comment

  • Nightram
    Dec 08, 2012

    I was unaware that the larger trophy was available in the catalog. I thought they were only available as contest prizes at the various Mario Kart 7 events across Europe. Good sleuthing!

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