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Rare Sonic Promo Comic, Mario Kart Remote Control Cars, Standees & More!

I have different types of auctions to show you but first up are these Mario Kart Remote Control Cars! Two of them are from Mario Kart Wii, and the other remote control car is from Mario Kart DS.

Mario Kart Remote ControlMario Kart Remote Control

Mario Kart Remote Control

These are the only one’s on eBay(apart from the next auction I’ll show) to be mint in box. There’s a loose Mario and Yoshi on eBay and thats it! So these are pretty hard to come by. I also haven’t seen the DS version anywhere on ebay. The three auctions above are from the same seller.

Mario Kart Wii Remote Control Car – MARIO
Mario Kart Wii Remote Control Car – Yoshi
Mario Kart DS Remote Control Car – MARIO

Mario Kart Wii Remote Control Car SetOr….you can bid on the complete set which consists of Mario, Yoshi, and Donkey Kong in one auction. Mind you there will be more attention toward this auction so bid wisely….
Complete Mario Kart Wii Remote Control Car Set

Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Promo Comic 1991 Genesis

Sonic the Hedgehog Comic Book

This is the rarest Sonic the Hedgehog Comic in my opinion. It’s the first comic he appeared in which was at the beginning of Sonic’s debut to the world.

The comic book was released as a promo for Sonic for The Hedgehog on the Genesis. The comic was written and drawn by Francis Mao. What he did was make the comic about the origin of Sonic the Hedgehog…..pretty cool.

It’s mentioned that the comic’s story isn’t accurate with the video games, but nevertheless VERY INTERESTING. I honestly wouldn’t mind owning this myself. If an official Video Game Museum existed that held all the rarest items in the world, this would definitely belong in that museum.

Price is a little steep…but if you are a Sonic collector you need this in your collection. There’s also a “best-offer” option. Just love the cover art 🙂

Click here for Sonic The Hedgehog Sega Promo Comic 1991

Other Interesting and Rare Auctions:
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NINJA GAIDEN 2 Store Display Standee
Sin & Punishment Star Successor Light-Up Motion Standee
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Box Set Soundtrack
Star Wars Battlefront II 2 Video Game Standee
Street Fighter IV Akuma resin statue!Only 20 made WORLD WIDE
WarCraft 3 III Desk Note Pad RARE Blizzard
Super Mario Bros Paper Birthday Table Covers
Mario Kart Remote ControlMario Kart Remote Control

Mario Slugger Promo Card
DK Slugger Promo Card

Good Luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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