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Mario Kart Wii – Sets of Mini Figures, Key Chains, and Q-Steer Cars

The Mario Kart series has been a line of very solid games which began in the Super Nintendo days. Each title that came out tried to do something new and different along with adding new items to use while racing. The most recent Mario Kart game is Mario Kart Wii and this time players around the world were able to compete online! Today I’ve listed a few small collections of Mario Kart Wii items that may interest more than a few fans of the game.

Mini Magnets (Set of Eight)

Large and Medium Car Type Figures (Set of Six)

Small Car Type Figures (Set of Six)

Small Car and Bike Type Keychains (Set of Six)

There’s another set of mini figures available but these ones are really special. They are Q-Steer cars! These are tiny remote controlled cars that are controlled by tiny infra-red controllers. The quality and accurate control of these cars are amazing and tiny toys tend to be popular in Japan. Follow the link below for the auction:

Q-Steer Cars (Set of Four)


CLICK HERE to buy this!

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