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Mario Legacy Nintendo Shoes, Shigeru Miyamoto Limited Print, Sample Games

For Kenji’s Super Mario dream room, I think he’s alm0st got everything he needs, except for these cool Official Mario Legacy Shoes that are limited to 400! These shoes were released by Nintendo in 2007 and are uniquely made with each shoe holding a different character from the inside: one being Yoshi, and the other being Mario.

Run Athletics and Nintendo joined forces to create these bad boys. There were available for $120; pretty cheap for a limited edition item of only 400. The popular Mario logo is on the shoe, along with Nintendo written on the back. What is neat about these shoes is that when you look inside, you can see Yoshi’s back, but underneath the shoe you’ll be able to see Yoshi’s full front. I’m sure after walking in them for a couple for a couple of week’s you’re bound to see something else other than Yoshi ;).

Next up we have this Nintendo Mario 25th Anniversary Shigeru Miyamoto Print. Seller misspelled Nintento, but spelling Miyamoto’s name will still send plenty of interested gamers. For some reason these limited edition prints never do well on eBay. I’ve seen other exclusive prints from Shigeru Miyamoto(same concept drawing) and they didn’t end for much. This auctions currently at $35. The deal with this print is that they were only given out at the Nintendo World Store in New York City early November of this year. It was basically to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros. Supposedly very few of these prints were made, but there isn’t any confirmation on that.

eBay auction here

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Rare Metal Gear Solid Exclusive Silver Figure – This is a price you can’t beat! Anyone likes MGS? Jump on this! The seller also has a TON of other rare Metal Gear Solid collectibles here! There’s so much to choose from I want it all!

Samples & Demos:

A little pricey for my liking, but still nice to check out.

Chase H.Q.2 Game Boy Sample

Penguin Wars Sample

F15 Strike Eagle

Red Alarm Kiosk Demo Virtual Boy

Wario Land Kiosk Demo Virtual Boy

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