Arcade Capcom Controllers Everything Factory Sealed Limited Edition PlayStation 3 (PS3) VGA Rated XBOX 360 2

Marvel vs Capcom 2 – Arcade Game, Fight Stick & Game VGA Rated

With the 3rd game on it’s way next year, I decided to take a moment to celebrate the series. Cross-over fighters in general are amazing to play because it draws two worlds of fans in to battle on common ground, but from X-Men vs Street Fighter through to Marvel vs Capcom, the idea of comic book characters fighting video game characters just never gets old! Here are a few cool Marvel vs Capcom items:

Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Stick Tournament Edition Signed and VGA Rated 90 – This has so much going for it! It’s not only still in it’s original box, but it has also been signed at the most recent Comic Con by the producer / director of Marvel vs Capcom 3; Ryota Niitsuma! Not enough? Well it’s also been sealed and rated by the Video Game Authority with a rating of 90! This is the XBOX 360 version
Marvel vs Capcom Fighting Stick Tournament Edition – Here’s the same stick as mentioned above, but this one is just the stick in it’s original box. It’s also important to mention how it’s in absolutely perfect condition. This is the Playstation 3 version
Marvel vs Capcom 2 (XBOX) VGA Rated 85 – This game is fairly rare all by itself, but this sealed copy has a VGA rating of 85!
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 Arcade Game (33″ Monitor) – Even though there are some scratches in several areas of this machine, the minor damage would never slow down the game. The screen is a stunning 33″ and it’s size demands attention. With the scratches considered; this arcade machine is up for a great price.
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  • Kenji
    Dec 03, 2010

    Liking the arcade with the monitor and the autographed joy with “Capcom”

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