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Mass Effect Limited Collector’s Edition, Sega Virtua Fighter Preproduction #1 Sarah Bryant, and more!

We have some sealed goodies up for auction today as well as a rare pre-production statue from Virtua Fighter!

Now I’ve done several posts on sealed games but I never imagined that modern console games, when sealed, can fetch a high price. Yes there are exceptions to the rule, either the game comes in a press kit, either it’s signed, or it has special art work(rare for console gaming). But never the less the next auction up is in high demand. I’ll be quite honest here and have no idea why it’s in such a demand. I have seen these ME collector editions before, maybe not sealed which is why people are willing to spend big bucks for it. Don’t let the price fool you, people are willing to pay even 1.5k for it.

I actually never played this game. I’m sure Akira did so he can comment on how good it is. If you’re interested in making an offer you can click here for Mass Effect Collector’s Edition.

**Thanks Nathan

Next auction up for bid is a rare prototype that the manufacture sent to Sega licensing department for approval before they went in to production. It is labeled on the bottom (1st SMPL FEB 21, 98). If you’re a Virtua Fighter fan this is for you. If you’re a Sega fan this is a must. Virtua Fighter was released in 1993 on the Arcade. It later became available on the Saturn in 1995. It was the first polygon-based fighting game.

If you want to place a bid click here for the Sega Virtua Fighter Sarah Bryant Statue, the biding starts at $200, a price which is extremely reasonable!

**Thanks Jeff

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