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MASSIVE id Software Collection, Mario and Legend of Zelda Auctions, Akalabeth World of Doom and More!

Here we go again! Another fellow collector in need of money so his (or her?) collection needs to go up, this time it’s a MASSIVE if Software Collection! Pretty crazy when you think about because we’ve seen a Massive Super Mario Bros. Collection in the Past, a Massive PC Game Collection, VGA Game Quality Collection, Sierra Game Collection so many others. But I’ve never seen an id Software collection. Oh yeah, for those who don’t know iD Software make games like Wolfenstein, DOOM & Quake. This is a pretty neat auction to check out.


Seller says:

“No fooling around here folks…. you will never see a better, more complete DOOM Quake collection come up for sale in its’ entirety than this one.
It is my personal “id Software” collection which I started with Wolfenstein 3D back in 1992. Collected over the last 21 years.
And to think December 2013 is the 20th Anniversary of the DOOM Dec 1993 Release Date. 


It is hard to argue that there would’ve been any CoD, MOH,  GTA, Assassins Creed, HalfLife,  HALO, etc, without the Masters of DOOM from “id Software” paving the way into our hearts and minds first.

Over 100 boxed games, more counting spare game CD w/o boxes, across all platforms, almost all are unique in some way. 
There are commonly available boxed games, and more importantly, there are several IMPOSSIBLE to locate, RARE, unique, once in a lifetime finds.  They’re all here!
Check it out, think about it, and Go For It !  One stop and you’d be set with one of the finest, most complete “id Software”, “DOOM” and “Quake” collections in the world!

Kids in college  🙂 ,  need the cash to pay the man.  Wife has put up with this stuff for too long, yet, since I do like being married, everything has to go.  🙁    My pain is your gain.
Note:  not a fire sale though… I will not sell out… $4,200.00 to start, not a penny less.  Shipping included.  Lower 48 states only. 
Buy It Now $5,500.   See BIN BONUS below (free complete awesome DOOM-QUAKE library!).
Sorry, NO cherry-picking, so please, don’t even ask”

For those of you who just wanted to check this post out for the Super Mario and Legend of Zelda auctions, please see them below:

Other Video Game Auctions:
Seattle Mariners Mario-Ners Pin – This is a pretty cool auction since I’ve never seen Mario wearing an actual MLB team outfit (or any major league sports team outfit).
Nintendo Donkey Kong Plastic Coin Bank #30 – 1981
Campbell’s Super Mario Spaghetti O’s With Meatballs – Hmmmm….. meatballs! (check expiry date!)
Legend of Zelda Link Figure Nintendo
1999 video game ad page ~ LEGEND OF ZELDA Ocarina Of Time
LEGEND OF ZELDA 3D SIGN Classic Ocarina WAR X Box PS4 DEAD ZOMBIES Minecraft – Unofficial, yes. But totally awesome and well done! I wouldn’t mind getting this for the gameroom
Famicom HISTORY BOOK Sticker 8pcs set Legend of Zelda Mario Donkey Kong Nintendo
Nintendo Super Mario Bros and The Legend of Zelda Toy Box – Only at $20 thus far!
Super Mario Cake Pan – These normally fetch the $50 mark. This ones only at $7!
Super Mario Bros Galaxy Star Wii T-Shirt Large Blue Red Shine Luma 0 awesome t-shirt – supposedly this was not sold in stores, a promotional item given to Nintendo reps.
Super Mario Bros. Dixie Cups, Mint Unopened Box, 1989, Nintendo
Nintendo Game Boy Original DMG-01 1989 – Big Lot
Vintage 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Red Video Game Chair – yes, we have all seen this at the high buy-it-now price, BUT, it`s on regular auction (finally) and the bids only at $18!
Vintage 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Red Video Game Chair Super Mario Bros 2 – same as above (I guess he has two)
Nintendo Super Mario cards vintage original sealed box 1989 – yes, this is quite common, but NOT in this condition. It’s sealed with a plastic to keep the cardboard in good condition.
100% COMPLETE Vintage 1989 Milton Bradley 4081 Nintendo TETRIS Board Video Game – This is only $10! great price
Vintage 1989 Nintendo Super Mario Video Game Plastic Cookie Cutters Wilton RARE
Legend of Zelda Link figure pvc Nintendo Applause 1989
Rare Nintendo 64 Super Mario “Mint” Snapback cap Hat NES Era history circa 1989
Legend of Zelda(Disk System)
Legend of Zelda Picture Frame Link and Zelda 16 bit SNES Link to the Past – unofficial but definitely a cute item to buy!
“Ultima” series forerunner “Akalabeth: World of Doom” for the Apple II! – “Here I’m offering California Pacific’s “Akalabeth: World of Doom” — the forerunner to Richard Garriott’s “Ultima series — for the Apple II.

Released under CP’s “Progame” line, this includes the 5.25-inch disk, the manual and a baggie with a SoftSel sticker. (“SoftSel” distributed CP’s products.)

Everything appears to be in fine shape. However, the disk is untested and, owing to the age of the media, I must offer this “as is” and without guarantee.”

CLICK HERE to buy this!


    Oct 26, 2013

    The seller of “Akalabeth: World of Doom” was also the author of one of the Final Fantasy III (VIj) strategy guides

  • Riku
    Oct 27, 2013

    Thanks for pointing that put RGC! You’re right, I remember the sellers name because half a year ago he put up his FF3 guide (which he also signed). It’s crazy when you think about it because back in the day (1994 to be exact), you would have never thought that you’d come across anyone who worked on Final Fantasy 3. I remember winning an auction from one of the creators of Counter Strike back in the day (got him to sign the item :)). It’s sort of unreal dealing with this behind-the-scenes game celebs who you’d never recognize in person. I also dealt with Steve Wiebe (dude from King of Kong). True gentleman!

  • kenji
    Oct 30, 2013

    Wow funny how some people have such nice collections, the hard work, time, years, and then decide to sell it. I’ve definitely moved on to other interests, but damn, thats a huge ass ID collection.

  • Edwin
    Sep 06, 2015

    nice game

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