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Massive Lifetime Video Game Collection, OriginalXbox Halo Combat Evolved Standee, Kirby Pillow Display and More!

Wow wow wow! I have a ton of super cool auctions for this week. But at the top of the list is the “Massive Lifetime Video Game Collection”. Yup, another fellow gamer is letting go of all their video games. When I take a look at the pictures it reminds me of what I own, and I am sure many of you can relate. We see ourselves in the pictures and all the great memories, stories, and pass times that the seller must have gone through with these video games. But it happens to the best of us. Regardless of the reason for selling the collection, one persons lost is another persons gain, and whoever will win this lot hopefully adds to their collection and doesn’t resell it. If you’ve wanted to get an instant video game collection here it is lol.

Complete details of the auction:

You are viewing more then 20 years of myself personally collecting video games. Over 900 games, more then 30 systems, 58 strategy guides, boat loads of cords and controllers, dozens of posters, boxes, manuals and maps with tons of everything cool in between :). It took 23 large boxes to pack up my collection and its more then a full pallet worth of boxes. You couldn’t even pack all these boxes in one pickup truck load! I was the OCD child collector who kept the boxes, plastic bags, twist ties, manuals and subscription cards. A lot of the boxed games and cartridges have only ever seen me as the owner and nearly everything I’ve ever bought new is as complete as the day I got it. My collection has almost always been stored in solid color plastic totes and nothing has ever been displayed or stored in direct sunlight.
I’ve always been a big Zelda, Final Fantasy, RPG and Mario fan and my collection shows it with dozen and dozens of really GOOD games that people actually want. I nearly always avoided buying sports titles for my collection due to the lack of value and rarity and the horrible replay value over time. Who would ever really want to play Madden 94 again? Not to say I don’t have any in my collection but they were always avoided.

Its been a long and massive undertaking getting just this far, over the last 4 months my living room has looked like a small video game museum. With dozens of totes, stacks upon stacks of games, consoles, cords, controllers, strategy guides, posters, and everything else spread about to inventory, check and take pictures of for this auction. The inventory document ended up being 58 pages long, I didn’t know I was writing a small book when I started! I will send the inventory word document to auction winner for personal inventory and insurance documentation (Complete with actual photos of the entire collection). Its been a lot of fun to see everything one last time and relive some great memories. I hope this collection brings its new ower as much joy as it did to me.”

Click here for Massive Video Game Collection Auction

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Good luck!

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