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Medieval Madness Pinball For Sale and More

One of the rarest and most sought out pinball machines ever made is Williams Medieval Madness. Collectors really want it, and people who don’t collect pinballs want it. So why does everyone want it so bad? Well other than the fact that it’s a great collectors item, it’s because of the the complete package the pinball has to offer. Visuals, playfield, DMD(dot matrix display), difficulty, goals, and the cool gimmicks such as the Castle blowing up really attracts just about anyone. However theres a small problem. It is rumored that only 4000 of these pinballs were ever made.

So why the low quantity in production? Well, this pinball was released in 1997, towards the end of the Williams pinball era(Williams made the best pinballs btw). So while the company was in a negative slope, they were being very cautious at this point. So instead of making larger runs of the pinball, they had to be risk-averse which would definitely bite them in the butt! You see, when Medieval Madness got released, the price was only $3000. In pinball terms that’s just about right for a new Williams machine back in the late 90’s. However, nowadays the pinball fetches twice, sometimes triple that amount!

So with that said, currently on auction is a Medieval Madness pinball machine. I haven’t seen one on auction for a very long time and finally one pops up and it ends up being auctioned off in the U.K. Just check the price of this bad boy, it just got listed yesterday. Just to have this pinball shipped to North America would cost $1200 minimum, and that doesn’t include taxes and fees.

Also, if you take a look at the sellers other pins that he’ll be listing within the next few weeks, he has probably the top 3 rarest pinballs ever made. Crazy!

Click here for Medieval Madness Pinball

It’s currently at $6,549.34 with 9 days left.

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