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Mega Man – Art Book, Poster, Plush, Figure, and Soundtrack

Today’s auctions are all Mega Man items! The Mega Man series is my favorite series on the NES and I often think about starting a Mega Man dedicated collection. It doesn’t look like Mega Man has much of an 8-bit future with all the changes at Capcom but one of the very cool things about these games is the replay value. Unfortunately I’m still missing two games from the original six in my NES collection… pretty sad, right? The only reason for that is the crazy prices people tend to charge for them; even at flea markets! Once I get them all… hmm… I wonder if I can finish them back to back one night…

Anyway, there’s some very cool stuff here for Mega Man fans such as myself. Good luck to the buyers!

R20 Mega Man Art Book – This fantastic book of over 300 pages is full of art from both the original Mega Man series and the Mega Man X series. The price is good but shipping is a third of the cost.

Mega Man E-Tank Mug – Here’s a crazy price for a crazy collectible I wish I had. I think I’ll get myself one of these before I attempt a Mega Man marathon and get some energy drinks at the ready. 😛

Mega Man Foil Poster by Todd Slater – One of 100 foil posters signed and numbered. You can find more of Todd Slater’s awesome stuff at

E-Tank Plush – Ever watch someone play Mega Man, keeping an eye on their health for them so that you can remind them to use an E-tank by yelling, “E!!!”. Well, get one of these and you can simply throw it at their head to warn them. 😉

10″ Mega Man Figure – Think about the size of this figure. You don’t often see action figures this big. And what does it say there on the box? Real shooting weapon!? No way! lol

Mega Man Mega Buster Plush Glove – These are still available outside of eBay but this price isn’t bad.

Protoman Proto Buster Plush Glove – If you buy both busters, you and a friend can wear them and run around like morons! lol… hmm… sounds like fun.

Rockman Arrange Version Soundtrack – Here’s an interesting Mega Man soundtrack. Only 5 tracks but they are pretty good. Not the typical remixes you often hear. Check out the first track to see what I mean…

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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