Mega Man

Mega Man E-Tank E-Mug

This is probably the coolest video game mug out there! Anything to do with Mega Man is automatically cool, but Fan Gamers E-Mug really hit the spot for Mega Man fans. As written on their site:

we built the E-Mug from the bottom up, sculpting it in a 3D modeling program to give it dimension and personality, and then tweaking/printing with a rapid prototyping machine to make samples until it felt just right

They sure did a great job giving it that 3D look. Along with your order you get a custom coaster! Order’s for these mugs have been overwhelmingly popular since the release in November 2010. If you place an order now, you’ll have to wait till mid-February. You can only place 2 orders per customer since it’s written on their site that “production on these are very tight”. Get yours before you see the “Out of Stock” sign ❗

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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