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Mega Man Figures and Model Kits

Having shelves full of games is always great, but most collectors want something real representing something from the games they think are the best… That’s where statues, figures, and model kits come in. There are of course millions of figures out there, but they don’t always do the job in terms of quality. Today I’m listing a few Mega Man figures and model kits that jumped out at me as quality items.

Kotobukiya Rock Man – This figure is top quality. Not only is every feature perfect, but it comes with interchangeable faces, eyes, hands, and accessories. The hands and feet are also magnetic which allows the figure to hold metal or magnetic objects (such as the E-tank it comes with :p). This figure was only available in Japan and was released earlier this year! It’s up for bids on eBay right now and the auction ends today so, if you need it for your collection, grab it up now while you still can!
Mega Man X Ride Armor Model Kit – Many will remember the various suits of armor you can ride in the Mega Man X series. Wasn’t that great fun? lol. Here’s a model kit of one such suit of armor. This one is one of the flying suits with machine guns for hands (the model doesn’t actually fly though). The pieces are still intact and sealed in the original bags so if you’re looking to collect rather than build, this kit is in prime condition.
Dr. Wiley’s Lab Playset – Here’s a play set I would have loved to have as a kid. This set comes with several figures and a battery powered Dr. Wily lab! From the look of it, this set is from the Mega Man 8 era. The seller doesn’t have any original photos of the set they are selling, but it is listed as being complete and unopened. This is a trustworthy seller, so no need to worry if you play on buying it.
Mega Man X Lucky Draw Model Kit – This is both a model kit and a figure in one! The snap together pieces are assembled around a metal skeleton with bendable joints. This means once put together, you have a nice Mega Man X figure available no other way. Once again, this kit is still intact and sealed so if you want it in your collection unassembled, this is a great buy.
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