Capcom Everything Factory Sealed Japan Import Mega Man Soundtracks

Mega Man & Mega Man X Soundtracks

Many gamers would agree that the Mega Man soundtracks are some of the best music ever to come from a video game. Every track gets you in the game and your pulse racing. It’s the best feeling video game music can give you while you’re playing a game like Mega Man because you really have to be quick to make it through. Here are a couple of boxed soundtrack collections and a couple more CD’s of interest. All of the soundtracks below are factory sealed.

Mega Man 1 to 6 Soundtracks – The original series’ soundtrack collection in one box. This is a gold mine of 8-bit music that will live on in the memory of gamers around the world.

Mega Man X 1 to 6 Soundtracks– The Mega Man X series stuck with the techno style of the original series, but added a rock-like edge to the music which really gave the feeling that the games took place further in the future.

Mega Man 10 Soundtrack – Mega Man 10 had great music, but it’s unfortunately in the shadow of Mega Man 9’s masterful tracks. If you put away the idea of which Mega Man game had the best music, you will find some gems in this soundtrack.

Inti Bonus Disc 1 Mega Man Soundtrack– This CD contains music from various Mega Man titles; all of which are post SNES releases. Titles include Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, Mega Man Zero, etc…. well, “Rockman” anyway lol.

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