Factory Sealed Final Fantasy Game & Watch Mega Man Merchandise Nintendo (NES) The Legend Of Zelda

Mega Man Orange Hat, Zelda Stuff and More!

Good Morning VGA Readers. I’ve got Zelda collectibles, Mario, a Mega Man hat and a Earthbound prototype. The mega man orange hat is pretty cool, very late 80s early 90s feel. Would you wear it out? Probably not, but you could if it’s Halloween. I’d probably just have it on my shelf. For the Earthbound prototype, I cannot verify if it’s official or authentic. Sure VGA graded it but when a guy runs that sort of business as a one man show in his garage it’s hard to trust that inspection. There is no real way of figuring it out unless the guy/girl took it apart and took pictures of the board, or gameplay. I’m not an expert but I would be weary of purchasing anything unless I knew 100% that it was official. Enjoy the auctions and see you next week.

Video Game Auctions:

– Legend of Zelda Dad Signed Mark Halrorso

– 1989 The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time LINK Plastic Tumbler

– NEW HUGE MAP 6 feet long Zelda A Link to the Past Wall Mural 


– Sony Naughty Dog Last of Us Developers Clicker Limited Game Bust Statue


– Commerative Teemo Statue League of Legends

– NINTENDO N64 – The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask BOX

– Zelda Wind Waker Painting

– VTG. 1989 Zelda 4 PC. Set – Plate, Bowl, and 2 Drinking Cups

– Rare Nintendo M8 NES Store Demo Unit

– Rare NES Nintendo Capcom USA MEGA MAN Cap Hat Bright Orange

– Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Punchout lifesize store display

– Nintendo Super Mario Bros 3 Game Watch

– EarthBound (Mother 2) Prototype VGA Graded and Authenticated

– Final Fantasy II VGA Q85+ for SNES

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