Mega Man Plastic Model Kits, Donkey Kong Plush Display, Resident Evil Merchandise and More!

Well here’s something I don’t see every day. A cool Donkey Kong Country plush display. Not entirely certain about it’s origins, but my guess would be that these were displayed in stores? I know Kenji found one a few months ago. I think the asking price was $1000. This one’s still pricey but if you’ve been waiting for one of these now would be your best chance at the price tag of $389.99 starting bid. The display looks to be in excellent shape given it’s age so nothing to worry about there. This is what the seller had to say in the auctions description:

“You are bidding on a life size Donkey Kong Nintendo wall display poster. This wall poster is a one of a kind in this day and age, as I was unable to find any replicas or anything similar to it. It was made somewhere in the vicinity of the late 80’s or early 90’s by a company called “Colorès International” which today does not exist. It’s original purpose was a window display in my family’s old video store, to promote one of the new Donkey Kong’s. The item itself has no flaws or blemishes and hangs by his DK tie. All toes and fingers of DK are intact with no pealing or discoloring. The material used to create this DK is a very nice nylon that to this point has not shown any flaws on it. (I have attached photos of the only other thing I could find made by “Colorès International”) Feel free to ask me any questions!”

Check out the auction below!

Exclusive Early 90’s Nintendo Donkey Kong Wall Display Poster Life Size

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Good luck!

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