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Mega Man Soundtracks and Protoman Figures

Here are a bunch of cool items from the Mega Man series. I’ve decided to list some figures and soundtracks, but just for fun, I’m going to split up the soundtracks and figures between Mega Man and Protoman. Mega Man soundtracks are always something the fans want to get their hands on. Try to think of a game that has tried to copy the Mega Man sound… can’t? I think this is because the music is so unique that any attempt to copy it will just come out as something different.

Here’s a soundtrack that was never available for sale and I’m sure many have never heard of it…

Rockman Arrange Version Promo Soundtrack

Rockman Arrange Version CD Soundtrack Vol. 1 – This soundtrack is a promo disc released in Japan which has 5 tracks; one from each of the first 5 Mega Man games. It’s the kind of promo that you would only find in Japan during that time. I mean, how many game soundtracks did you see on the shelves in the 80’s and 90’s in North America?

Mega Man Dance Soundtrack – It’s an easy shift to turn Mega Man music into dance tracks. This 2-disc soundtrack is exactly that.

Mega Man TV Series Soundtrack – It’s amazing to see the names of the people involved in this soundtrack. When you think of Mega Man, do the names Skid Row, Junior M.A.F.I.A., and Notorious B.I.G. comes to mind? lol, no, but here they are.

Mega Man and Protoman Figures (Mega Man 8) – These boxed figures are from a small collection of figures from Mega Man 8.

Mega Man Battle & Chase Protoman RC Car – Mega Man Battle & Chase was a game similar to Mario Kart but was not released in North America until the Mega Man X collection on PS2. This RC is Protoman’s car.

Retro-Roto Protoman Figure – This is a cool figure of Protoman in his most classic form. It’s not over-digitalized and looks great.

I’d Rather be Playing Mega Man Plate Frame – I know it’s just a cheap piece of plastic, but how cool would it be to see this on the back of a car in front of you while stuck in traffic?

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