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Mega Man Universe Signed Poster, Prototype Xbox, Unreleased N64 Game

We have a couple of prototype items here today and a bunch of rare stuff. There’s a signed poster listed that is worth far more than the starting bid and the auction closes today…

Prototype Xbox – The console has been opened at least once before, but this is still a very rare item from Xbox’s beginnings. The hard drive holds various video tests as well.

Frogger 2 N64 (Unreleased) – Frogger 2 was never released for the Nintendo 64, but here’s a prototype cartridge!

Mega Man Universe Poster signed by Keiji Inafune – This is interesting. Keiji Inafune (creator of Mega Man) signed this Mega Man Universe poster shortly before he left Capcom. Not only is Inafune no longer with Capcom, but Mega Man Universe is a cancelled title! This makes for one seriously valuable item and the auction closes today. First bid is $50…

Katamari Damacy Hand Puppet – Here’s a creepy puppet of the Prince from Katamari Damacy. It fits the style of the game though.

Alien vs Predator CPS2 Board & Jamma – If you have an arcade cabinet, this will offer you hours of enjoyment. It’s a great game and rare.

Vectrex CIB with Games – The Vectrex alone is a rare system, but this auction is for a boxed system and seven boxed games. I had one of these back in the 80’s and remember playing Berzerk alot.

Halo Reach Mongoose signed by Todd McFarlane – This autograph by Todd McFarlane is either fake or it was made at a time when Todd was very willing to give a perfect signing.

Amiga Posters (2) – The Amiga was a big part of gaming for me in the 80’s. It was a serious machine that could produce graphics and sound way beyond most anything else during it’s time.



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