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Menace Beach Nes Cart, Unique Mario Display, Complete Super Mario Stage Figures and More!

I have some cool video game auctions to show you but before I do that I would like to give credit to Matrix6 who is the original owner of the beautiful “Uncharted 3 Travellers Chest” picture on the beach! I was fortune enough to be informed that Matrix6 took all the time and effort to make those pictures on the beach which can be seen here, and I was told that enough people have stolen his pictures to use on eBay without giving him proper credit. It really only takes 5 seconds to type “credit to:” and the persons name. Reason I am mentioning this is because we all should make an effort to give credit where it’s due, and the seller of the UC3 Chest didn’t give credit :(. Respect goes a long way let me tell ya folks. We’ve all been there where someone steals our pics (or info). (Thanks Beau!)

Moving onto the video game auctions, there’s some awesome auctions ending soon such as the Mario Stage Figures! You really need to check them out to see how cool they are. I use to own a couple, but never saw the rest of them. Anyways I thought I’d mention that they are ending in about an hour and a half so check it out!

Nintendo Stage Figures

Video Game Auctions:
Menace Beach NES Cart Gray Version
Pocket Watch Final Fantasy X
Max Payne 3 Art/Info Book – Pick one up while supplies last! Thanks PJ!
Piece of Billy Mitchell’s Tie – For those of you who are tuning in for the first time , check out Akira’s interview with the man himself here!
Very Impressive SNES Boxed Lot – Although the auctions not worth close to $5k, the price is pretty high up there. You got the Mega Man X’s, The DKC’s and some nice RPG’s especially a complete Earthbound. Nice lot!

Mario Display Nintendo

Nintendo DotGraphics Stage Figure 2 Super Mario Bros. Complete Set – check out how much these DotGraphic Stage Figures are going for! Very nice set!
American McGee’s Alice LIMITED ED. BLUE VINYL LP Signed
Activision Patch Decathlon Bronze Original 1980s Atari 2600 High Score
Activision Patch Roadbusters Original 1980s Atari 2600 High Score Award
Super Nintendo Store Display
Vintage Nintendo Super Mario Bros. over 4 ft tall promo display figure
Super Scope Promo Button
Bulletstorm Nutcracker RARE promo
Official Final Fantasy VIII Poster Store Display Playstation – Haven’t seen this one before.
Vintage Early 90s SEGA CHANNEL T-Shirt – I don’t know how many of you tuned into the Sega Channel, but this is an awesome t-shirt for those who remember and want to reminisce.

Good luck!

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