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Metal Gear Peace Walker, Kojima Autographs, Zelda blue cup, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out Standee

Some interesting items up for auction today. We have interesting Metal gear Peace Walker items including signings by Kojima. There is also a Zelda BLUE cup up for auction. Have not seen it in blue before. Could it be a fake? Doubt it as the design itself would be hard to find, then replicate on the cup and it’s the same cup as the white one so we can assume it’s original. The Mike Tyson Standee is extremely rare, although has been on ebay before by the same seller with the same pictures.

Let’s Start:

Monkey Island 2 Limited Comic Con E3 Voodoo Doll RARE!!

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Big Boss Pack Signed PSP

Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker Box Art Signed By Kojima

Legend of Zelda 1988 nintendo cup mug vintage

Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Punchout store display 1988


1989 Legend Of Zelda Dinner Plate by Peter Pan Inc CHIPPED. This one has been chipped top left of the plate, repaired but will never… ever… be the same again 🙁

Final Fantasy XIII Strategy Guide (SIGNED!)

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