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Metal Gear Solid Comics, Mass Effect Statue, Blizzard Poker Sets, and Pitfall Merchandise

Here’s a nice mix of affordable vintage items and more heavily valued itmes from more modern releases. There’s a Kotobukiya statue that everyone should take a look at which is selling to the highest bidder with no reserve. The first two auctions listed here were sent over to us by a couple of readers here on VGA.

Super Turrican 2 Sealed – This auction is from Andrew E. One of the better side scrollers on the SNES and it’s sealed.

Super Mario World Game Watch with Earphones Sealed – Here’s one from Adam. Never opened and earphones are included in the pack.

Playstation 2003 Q2 Retail Resource Guide – Inside are promotions for PS2 games and accessories.

Pitfall Puzzle and Coloring Book – Two items in this auction. They are Pitfall items marketed for kids of the 80’s to gleefully get addicted to video games.

Mortal Kombat Movie Sticker Book – Kinda interesting. It’s still in the original plastic too. Worth a couple bucks?

Kotobukiya Mass Effect Liara T’Soni Bishoujo Statue – Selling to the highest bidder but there is a little less than a week.

Pac-Man Fever LP Buckner and Garcia 1982 – I wont torture everyone with the music video but here’s the original LP. First bid has been made.

Blizzard really loves their poker sets. There are quite a few out there. Here are a few of them:

Blizzard Employee Poker Set

Blizzcon 2011 Limited World of Warcraft Poker Set

Blizzcon 2009 Limited Starcraft II Poker Set

The last couple of auctions are for two complete sets of Metal Gear Solid comics. You can expect a burst of MGS items on eBay with the buzz rising about MGS5.

Metal Gear Solid Comics 1 to 12 Complete Series

Metal Gear Solid Sons of Liberty Comics 0 to 12 Complete Series

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