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Metal Gear Solid Trading Card “Big Boss” 1 of 1 – Otacon “The Only One in the World”

Metal Gear collectors may want to take a look at today’s first auction. There are many MGS trading cards out there but within the series available there is an insanely limited set of cards which are nine individual cards and there is only one of each on the planet (I’ve heard there are nine anyway, I could be wrong). If there are in fact nine, I would guess the cards are Solid Snake, Meryl, Liquid, Psycho Mantis, Revolver Ocelot, Sniper Wolf, Vulcan Raven, Otacon, and Decoy Octopus (again, assuming).

In mid 2011, the Decoy Octopus card was up on eBay and bids went up to $760 but the reserve wasn’t met. If anyone knows where the rest of these cards are or know of an official list of the cards, please let me know. To own all of these 1 of 1 cards would be nearly impossible and I cannot imagine the value of a complete set. Below you will find the Otacon card from this unique set and offers are rolling in.

Metal Gear Solid Big Boss Card 1 of 1 - Otacon

Metal Gear Solid “Big Boss” Card 1 of 1 – Otacon

Some more for today:

Atari 400 System – First bid is in at $0.99 and there is no reserve. No games included but the hook ups are.

Mortal Kombat Frisbee – An odd choice for Mortal Kombat merchandise but at least it’s red. :p

Next few auctions are for some Sega magazines:

Team Sega No 4

Sega Visions Lot of 3

Sunsoft Game Time News Vol 1 Issue 3

The last few for today are vintage arcade patches. Doubt they are “official” but they do have copyright dated stitched into each.

Donkey Kong Patch

Frogger Patch

Pac-Man Patch

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