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“In the mid-1980s, Nintendo’s Research & Development 1 team started simultaneous development of two games for the Famicom Disk System: Kid Icarus and Metroid. The two games, both released on the same day in 1986, have been called “companion games”, as they shared developers and gameplay elements such as the introduction of the game saving password system in the North American release.

Metroid II: Return of Samus was released for the Nintendo Game Boy in 1991 in North America and 1992 in Japan. It was the first game of the Metroid series whose North American release featured a save system, allowing the player to have three separate save files. Metroid II also established the current “look” of Samus Aran and her Power Suit, namely the bulky look of the Varia Suit upgrade and the visual difference between the “Beam Mode” and “Missile Mode” of Samus’ arm cannon.”

Samus you go girl!

Really cool Samus statue. They had these on It’s sold out now but when they were in stock I told myself I’ll eventually get it…
Metroid Prime Samus Varia Suit Statue First4Figures

This statue was also very limited but available on It’s so beautiful how it lights up. This is, in my opinion, the most impressive samus statue out there. This too was available and I told myself I’d eventually get it… 🙁

Love this ship. It’s still available on for $199. Or you can always buy it on eBay. It’s on auction now. $51 – 2 days 9 hrs.

Metroid: Prime 2 Echoes Gunship Resin Statue


NEW Metroid Prime 2 Echoes Samus Aran Zero Suit Statue

Metroid Prime Collectible Gamecube Game Case

Metroid II 2: Return of Samus (Game Boy) NEW VGA 85 NM+

Dimension Diver Metroid Prime Samus Gravity Suit kit

METROID FIGURE 1986 SAMUS ARAN POWER SUIT RETRO !!!. Unofficial, but nice custom job!

METROID FIGURE 1986 SAMUS ARAN POWER SUIT GOLD !!!. This one is made by the same seller as the above Samus. Unofficial.

Metroid: Prime 2 Echoes Gunship Resin Statue

Dimension Diver Metroid Prime Samus Aran figure kit LTD

2002 Joyride Studios METROID Samus figure 110% complete

Metroid Prime SAMUS Vintage Bobblehead *RARE ITEM*

Metroid Prime 2.75″ Maze Game 2008 Burger King

corruption metroid ice beam car truck vinyl decal. Unofficial but DAMN NICE.

METROID PRIME GIANT WALL POSTER ART PRINT X2422. Massive custom poster a.k.a unofficial.

Nintendo Gameboy Advance Metroid Fusion Store Display

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