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Michael Jackson Moonwalker Banner, FFIII NES Cart & More

The King of Pop…

Michael Jackson Banner

Huge banner. Click here for Sega’s Moonwalker Banner.

Or if you ever played the arcade version of the game, you might find this Moonwalker arcade game interesting. It’s missing the TV & Cabinet 😥

Look!…..even Sonic is having fun with MJ.

Michael Jackson with Sonic

Other Rare Auctions:

Final Fantasy 3 for the Nintendo Entertainment System – I expect this to jump up in price tomorrow

Space Invaders Video Arcade Game Standup Display – Very nice display standee’s for the 80’s arcade! I’m not sure if these are original since they are not mentioned…
TRON Video Arcade Game Standup Display
ASTEROIDS Video Arcade Game Standup Display

Metal Gear Solid 4 Huge Banner – I would really like to own this…

Indiana Jones Emperors Tomb Standee for Xbox – playing this game was like playing the original Tomb Raider…I swear!

Street Fighter T-Shirt Large – Really cool concept. It’s like those tuxedo shirts! This is not official btw. hostgator discount

Good Luck!

Michael Jackson Pinball

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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