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Microsoft – Stock, Rubick’s Cube, Handheld, Kinectimals Plush Set

Remember when the world was shocked by Microsoft’s announcement that they were going to join the console wars with the Xbox? That was an interesting time with Atari and Sega fading away and Sony and Microsoft stepping into the light. I remember when I first heard the name “Xbox” I thought it was just a code name for a console in the works. Then when it was actually sold under that name I thought it sounded really stupid (little did I know that the “Wii” and “Wii U” were in the future lol). It was a very natural step for Microsoft to get into video games. In fact, I can’t figure out why it took them so long…

Here are some Microsoft related items from the past and present!

Microsoft Stock – Here’s something you don’t see every day. This authentic Microsoft stock would be pretty cool in a frame on the wall of a computer room. Perhaps it’s just the nerd in me saying that.

Microsoft Rubick’s Cube Promo – This promo Rubick’s cube has a different Microsoft product on each side. I’ve never really been very good at solving these things!

Microsoft LCD Keychain Handheld – I have no idea what this handheld does. There’s an “erase” button which makes me think it’s a doodle program of some kind, but then there’s a music button. Does anyone know what this game does? It looks pretty old too.

Halo Cortana Figure – This figure looks as though it lights up from the bottom but there’s no picture showing it lit. Seller assures buyers that it works.

Kinectimals Plush Set of 5 – Here’s the full set of 5 in “wave 1” of Kinectimals plush toys. Each actually comes with a Kinect scan code which unlocks game content.

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