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Mighty No.9 PAX Prime 2013 Shirt and Much More!

Good afternoon VGA readers. I’ve got some auction submissions from Jack and Alex (Thanks Guys!) as well as some really cool auctions at a low price just looking to get bid on. I also have Mighty No.9 PAX shirts, and if you haven’t heard of it it’s an independent project by Keiji Inafune who created Mega Man. He left Capcom a few years ago and started a Kickstarter campaign to create a new game based around the same Mega Man side scroller concept. Can’t wait for that to come out. Well enjoy the auctions folks and post comments if you have!

Video Game Auctions:

– Rockstar Games’ “Manhunt” – Piggsy Limited Edition Statue

– Chrono Trigger Prerelease beta cartridge prototype pre-release SFC

– NEW Final Fantasy XIII Dual Shock 3 Lightning controller PS3 HK 

– Final Fantasy VIII Mini Disc Player Coca-Cola contest prize promo 

– Chrono Trigger V-Jump contest prize VHS video tape promo documentary OOP 1995

– Metal Gear Solid 2 alternate cover art Gackt with baby STRANGE

– McDonalds playland gaming system Nintendo 64

– Yoshi’s Island PINK Yoshi 1995 Plush “YOSSY” Super Mario World Nintendo

– Mighty No.9 PAX Prime 2013 Shirt Large #420

Panasonic 3d0 game console

 Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Collectors Edition PS3


– Mighty No.9 PAX Prime 2013 Shirt Large #531

– Nintendo Power Presents Luigi’s Mansion figure EXTREMELY RARE Gamecube Mario

– Yoshi’s Island GreenYoshi 1995 Plush “YOSSY” Super Mario World Nintendo

– inFAMOUS 2 Cole MacGrath Sling Messenger Backpack

Dead space 3 Black Marker Statue Limited To 5000

– Official Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Brothers electronic pinball game in box

– 1.5m (5Ft) inflatable crash bandicoot promotional display

– Dota 2 International 3 Unopened Plush *SOLD OUT*

– Dota 2 Chaos Knight Entropic Set Card With Digital Unlock

Super mario world set of 4 baby yoshi plush ufo wit eggs green,yellow,pink,blue

 Tetris display vintage

 Biohazard Resident Evil Albert Wesker AUTOGENA DEEPER GSX WATCH CAPCOM

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