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Classic Mini Arcades

eBay Seller m-o-j-o has a bunch of neat Mini Arcades that are built to perfection! You got a variety of different games from Donkey Kong to Gauntlet, all the way to Crystal Castles. I’ve had the opportunity to play the real arcades at my friends house(Elio), and let me tell you what a treat it was!

Just take a look at these beauts!

Mini ArcadeMini ArcadeMini Arcade

Every area was built to be an impeccable resemblance to the life-sized coin-op arcade machine. Just take a look at the rest I picked out as my favorites:

Mini ArcadeMini ArcadeMini Arcade

Mini ArcadeMini ArcadeMini Arcade

Mini ArcadeMini ArcadeMini Arcade

Mini ArcadeMini ArcadeMini Arcade

Mini ArcadeMini Arcade

Mini ArcadeMini Arcade

The high quality craftsmanship on these arcades are very impressive, and at the price these mini aracade’s are at it’s definitely worth a purchase. They are only available in the United Kingdom so bear in mind.
Seller says:”I sell these awesome models on behalf of the workshop that creates them. These models have been purchased and collected by fans and customers in a dozen different countries worldwide. Each model is painstakingly hand crafted to the highest spec, and can take over four hours to complete.

Amazing, one off, custom build hand crafted super detailed 1/12th scale model of the classic arcade cabinet.

~ Model stands approx 5.5 ” tall and is an exact scale model of the original arcade cabinet, created from scaled down blueprints from the original full size cabinet
~ One of a kind custom model hand crafted NOT factory made
~ Built from high grade Modelling Wood
~ With Premium High End Custom Glossy Vinyl Graphics and art work for the side art, marquee, screen, controls, kick plate etc
~ Amazing custom screen, with acetate mounted with bezel 3mm in front of display
~ Custom scale miniature joystick
~ Custom recessed speaker unit above screen and below marquee

Perfect as a unique desktop display piece for the office of home, and also fits perfectly with 1/12th scale dolls house furniture.

Please Note – this is a display piece designed for adults, it is not intended for use by children. Also please note ( although it seems obvious ) that these models are display pieces and are not working games systems !

Here’s the list of arcades I thought were neat:

Q-BERT Arcade Model
CONTRA Arcade Model
DONKEY KONG Arcade Model
ASTEROIDS Arcade Model
MARIO BROS. Arcade Model
PUNCH OUT Arcade Model
GAUNTLET Arcade Model
MS. PAC MAN Arcade Model
DEFENDER Arcade Model
ZAXXON Arcade Model
GALAGA Arcade Model
GALAXIAN Arcade Model
DONKEY KONG Junior Arcade Model
PAC MAN Arcade Model

The seller has other arcades if you’re looking for a particular game.

Have a good day!

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