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Miniature Figures – Metal Gear & Mega Man

In the world of video game collectibles, mini figures seem to be quite popular. They are easy to collect and fit well on a shelf or cabinet (resulting in a mind boggling sight if your collection extends into several titles). Today I’m listing a complete set of figures from the Mega Man series and from¬†Metal Gear Solid 2! Check them out…

This set of 12 crosses several Mega Man titles but comes together in a single box (which is included in this auction). You can check the auction out here on eBay.

Here’s a set of 7 figures complete with the box from Metal Gear Solid 2 (arguably the best game in the series). It’s up for a nice price here on eBay.

And here’s a bonus…

This figure of Big Boss from Metal Gear Solid 3 is listed on eBay as being limited to 100… But, I’ve heard that it’s actually limited to 250. Still, a very limited item. Check it out here on eBay.

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