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Mint Pong Console, Pac-Man Promos, Dead Space Backpack, and Limited Spirits Within Watch

It wont be long now… As I’m sure most people know, the 2nd Annual NES Marathon begins tomorrow! If you haven’t already (and perhaps even if you have), please donate today. Any amount helps, so please go for it. Let’s see how much has come in so far…

Whoa! It’s crazy to see this amount knowing that the marathon hasn’t even begun yet. Clearly, gamers from all over know the importance of Child’s Play Charity’s cause. Spread the word people! This is gonna be big. Hope to see you guys in the chat tomorrow.

Now, how about some auctions… Well, there’s a pretty cool mix here today. Some vintage stuff in remarkable condition, some limited collectibles, and more…

Video Volley Pong Console (Mint) – There are many Pong consoles available on eBay, but this one really stood out. The seller says that the system has never been removed from the box. The seller has also reduced the price for a limited time. Still, a bit pricey.

Namco Museum Pac-Man Promos – This advertisement set comes with everything. You get the hanging signs, original hook-ups, and the printed instructions as well. This is very much a game room item.

Nintendo Powerplay Saturday Champion Necklace – This was an award won at a Gamestop tournament in 2006. It’s a solid piece of quality metal and comes in a worthy case. The seller actually has 2 of these.

Club Nintendo Super Mario Bros Pin – This awesome looking pin was never removed from it’s box. The price isn’t terrible, but should be closer to $25.

Katamari Damacy Prince Cellphone Strap – Here’s a cell strap that a select few Katamari gamers would love to display. You could confound and dazzle everyone with every call!

Dead Space Limited Isaac’s Rig Backpack – Isaac’s rig is such a perfect idea for a backpack. The idea of keeping the game’s HUD on the character itself was a big deal when the game was released and this backpack promotes this concept in style.

Vintage Pac-Man Socks – It’s surprising how well these socks have stood against the test of time. It would have been cool to see them in their original bindings as you would have seen in the store back in the 80’s though.

Super Mario Bros Shampoo – As the seller clearly knows to point out, this bottle is in great condition in terms of colour. The design on these can fade and crack with use. This bottle is full and unused.

Final Fantasy Spirits Within Limited Watch – Even though Spirits Within has a bad rep amongst most Final Fantasy fans, the rarity of this watch is beyond question. There are only 1,000 in the world and this one being sold is #938. The seller is taking offers.

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