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Miyamoto’s Inspirations

Shigeru Miyamoto (the creator of Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and so on) has been known as the biggest influence for game designers since the early 80’s. There have been so many clones of his game designs over the years that his games have become a genre all their own in a way. If you say “Nintendo game” to someone, they will likely think of a game designed by Miyamoto. But, what makes him tick? How does he come up with golden ideas one after the other?

In several interviews, he has mentioned that his creations are directly inspired by events and/or activities around him. From water games, outdoor sports, gardens, and so on; Shigeru Miyamoto creates games based on real world fun. Maybe this is why his games seem so easy to start up and play at a personal level. When most gamers pick up a game designed by Miyamoto, they feel at home even if playing the game for the first time! This quality to his games cannot be pinned down in any describable way. Other designers simply copy his ideas which boosts his designs even further as being original. So then, what does the future hold for Miyamoto? Word is that he’s working on a new character for 2011!

There are no details about this next original game available anywhere because Nintendo protects his work very well. In fact, getting an interview with Miyamoto is nearly impossible for this exact reason. He is, in general, a very friendly guy and loves to talk about gaming. I can see how he may let some ideas slip once into a deep conversation. Nintendo doesn’t want this to happen, so they are very careful about interviews and game development security.

The wait may not be too much longer because 2011 is almost here! Keep your ears and eyes open for E3 2011 folks because I think there is something very very interesting on the horizon…

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