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Monkey Island CHAOS! Tales of Monkey Island and a lot of GROG

If you didn’t play Monkey Island you need to go download it *Legally please, it wont cost much and will help the designers most importantly!*. Monkey Island was created by the likes of Ron Gilbert, Tim Schafer, and Dave Grossman. It was released in 1990 and from then on became a huge franchise for LucasArts. I will be showcasing some collectibles as well as deal and merchandise you can buy right now for a GREAT PRICE!

You can get a head start and download Monkey Island Special Edition on your Xbox Arcade, PC or other download platforms. Monkey Island Special Edition 2 has just been RELEASED for the Xbox Arcade, PC, Playstation, iPOD and iPAD. It’s only $10 so download it, here is the official site:

Monkey Island Special Edition 2

This auction is for a Monkey Island SE poster signed. Poster was issued exclusively to SDCC 2009 and signed by LucasArts Producer CRAIG DERRICK, Art Director JEFF SANGALLI, and Artist DELA LONGFISH. Monkey Island SE Signed Poster

Interesting auction. It’s for 300 original Monkey Island sleeves. Why not have a few extra in your collection. Click here for 300 Monkey Island sleeves of fun.

Escape from Monkey Island Ps2 Sealed

Telltalegames were assigned the next Monkey Island games in the form of episodes and they did a DAMN good job of it capturing the spirit, and humor of the series. They no have released a “Deluxe” edition where you get all 5 episodes on cd along with bonuses. With this deluxe you get an option of getting a whole bunch of neat collectibles like a Grog mug, Monkey Island art portfolio, Monkey Island Tarot cards etc…

Visit their website for more detail. It’s at an amazing price and you could find other cool games like Sam & Max. TellTaleGames “Tales of Monkey Island”.

The last item up for grabs is a Monkey Island SE Statue depicting the final battle between Guybrush and Lechuck. I have this myself and it’s so beautiful. I bought it originally at $89.99 but it has since dropped in price. You can get this beautiful statue, high quality I might add, for $49.99!! You save 40%, how can you not want to order this? It comes in a nice box. If you live internationally it might cost a little bit on shipping but it’s worth it. Buy it here at LucasArts website:

Monkey Island SE Statue

Other Monkey Island items offered by LucasArts

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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