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Monster Hunter Collectibles – Figures, Models, Keychains, Towel, Pouch, and More

Until recently, I hadn’t played any of the Monster Hunter games. I can’t explain why I didn’t bother to at least read up on the games and see what I’m missing out on but, in a way, I’m glad I didn’t. Why? Because I picked up Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate the other day and having this version as my first play in the series is quite impressive. I have to say, I am addicted.

I’ve always known there are a ton of Monster Hunter collectibles out there but few are very valuable. The first one listed below however is quite a big deal.

Silver Rathalos

Limited Silver Rathalos Figure – This awesome figure stands with a wingspan of over 20 inches. Only 1000 were made.

More Monster Hunter stuff to check out:

Yamaguchi Zinogre Jinouga Figure

Swordsman Laeus Red Figure

Swordsman Laeus Blue Figure

Overlap Mascot Goa Magara Keychain

Deviljho 48318 DXF Model

Swordsman Zinogre Figure

20 Random Figures and Cell Straps

Overlap Mascot Mad Tigrex Keychain

Monster Hunter 4 Pouch

Monster Hunter 4 Towel

Monster Hunter 3G Drinking Glass

Brachydios Bracchidios Plush

Jinouga Subspecies Figure

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