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Monthly Marathon 4 – Disney Capcom Games!

It’s time once again for another Monthly Marathon benefiting Child’s Play Charity! This month there’s no way to tell how long we’re going to go because there’s a pile of games we can choose from all night long. The donations from you guys out there is really what drives these marathons forward so please donate if you can and we will be sure to play as many as we can! To start off, we’re going to play both Chip N Dale games on the NES, DuckTales Remastered on the Wii U and DuckTales 2 on the NES. After that, if a couple people have donated to Child’s Play, we will keep going with a few more games and add SNES to the mix. To donate, click on the donation widget on the sidebar here on VGA. It’s for the kids!

Check out the recorded marathon if you missed it:

Hour 1 – Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers

Hour 2 – Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (Part 1)

Hour 3 –  Chip ‘N Dale Rescue Rangers 2 (Part 2)

Hour 4 – DuckTales Remastered (Part 1)

Hour 5 – DuckTales Remastered (Part 2)

Hour 6 – DuckTales Remastered (Part 3)

Hour 7 – DuckTales 2

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