More Auctions From Seller Kefkasdomain

Hey all. Saw that the same seller I made a post of below has some auctions ending soon and the prices are not bad considering his buy-it-now prices :). So check out the list I put together. Some impressive items and definitely worth bidding on given his starting price. Lots of poster lots as well. Enjoy…

Game Auctions:
1990 NES Nintendo World Championship Ticket NWC Powerfest Retro Official NEW WOW
Grand Theft Auto Vice City Game Poster LOT SOCOM Playstation Professor Layton PS
Final Fantasy 11 Online X-2 Poster LOT Official Squaresoft Square-Enix Rare Pack
Mega Man Final Fantasy Resident Evil LOT SOCOM PlayStation Vice City GTA Poster
Resident Evil Outbreak 2 Poster LOT Official PlayStation CAPCOM Chris Leon RARE
Resident Evil REmake 4 Outbreak Poster LOT Gamecube Official PlayStation CAPCOM
Metal Gear Solid 4 Mini Store Displays Old Solid Snake LOT Konami Hideo Kojima
Resident Evil 2 Wildstorm Biohazard Trading Card LOT Claire Chris Leon CAPCOM
Final Fantasy 3 VI Trading Card LOT Rare Official Squaresoft Hologram Nintendo
Resident Evil Outbreak 3 Pack Promo Card R.P.D CAPCOM PlayStation Official RARE
Resident Evil 4 Mini Action Figures Display Ada Chainsaw Zombie CAPCOM
Meta Gear Solid 2 Trailer Documentary Making DVD Konami Japan Hideo Kojima RARE
Sonic the Hedgehog 20th Anniversary Poster Sega
Resident Evil Biohazard Pachislot Golf Ball LOT Official CAPCOM Chris Redfied PS
Diddy Kong Racing N64 Nintendo 64 Plush Kart Official Donky Kong Mario Race RARE
Meta Gear Solid Comic LOT 43 Comics Sons of Liberty Official Konami Hideo Snake
Resident Evil 4 Preview Disc Gamecube Halloween Mask Demo Biohazard CAPCOM RARE
Nintendo Power Super 120+ Poster LOT Martio Party Castlevania Super Smash Diddy
Super Mario World Plush LOT 1992 Nintendo UFO Bandai Official Doll Koopa Bullet
Resident Evil Archives Biohazard Book 1st Print Umbrella Capcom Zombie Redfield
The Legend Of Zelda Club Nintendo History of Link Poster Set Wind Waker Twilight
Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City Stories Store Display Official Rockstar Poster PS
Grand Theft Auto GTA Vice City III 3 Store Display Sexy Girls Official Rockstar
Resident Evil Dead Aim Store Display Poster Official Rare CAPCOM PlayStation 2
Final Fantasy 9 11 XI IX Store Display Official Squaresoft Poster Zidane Online

Good luck!

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