Charity Auctions Signed Statues XBOX 360 1

More Video Game Signing for Japan Charity

Wow I am so impressed by the auctions surfacing to help Japan in this crisis. I know we’ve been talking about it quite a bit but Japan is in need and to highlight charity auctions will only help them. I am also shocked at the prices these are going for, the more the better but I can say a lot of these auctions to help Japan would never go close to what they’re going for now. For all the gamers supporting this movement, to give to charity, to even give any kind of donations shows we live in a world full of love and promise. To be able to come together and help is a wonderful feeling. We at VGA salute all those involved in helping Japan get back up on their feet.

The auction that stood out for me the most is the Sam & Max Statue signed by Steve Purcell, the artist for Sam & Max and Monkey Island. Also it’s been signed by teh Telltale team, more specifically Dave Grossman, you might remember his work on Monkey Island? Ring’s a bell? Simply awesome and I will definitely contribute to that price increase!

More Video Game Auctions:

Game Informer Tomb Raider edition signed by the devteam

Rare Limited Edition ‘Art of Tomb Raider’ book signed

Marvel vs Capcom 3 Arcade stick Autographed – Alright not for Japan but still cool!

Final Fantasy III Kefka’s Domain Soundtrack – Not for Japan either but great price!

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  • Joseph
    Mar 25, 2011

    Wow, that Tomb Raider art book looks so amazing!! It really catches my eye. 🙂

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