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Mortal Combat Action Figures & More!

Good morning ladies and gents! Today I will be
showing you action figures from video games
a long with other random merch!

Mortal Combat Action Figures

Although there are different Mortal Combat Action Figures, this seller seems to have some of the rarest figures.

By looking at the picture in the auction it seems like the seller has a mix of series; Deception, Shoalin, and Shoalin monks. There is one figure in this auction that sells for $150 alone; Baraka. So considering the price that the auctions right now, this wouldn’t be a bad lot to get…

Seller says:

“Rare Mortal Kombat Action Figures
Still in original packaging with and in great conditon
Perfect for any collector or fan of the legendary video game
Collection includes: Johnny Cage, Kano, Noob, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Reptile, Raiden, Sub Zero, Scorpion and Baraka.”

Click here for Rare Mortal Kombat Action Figure Collection

Halo Helmet Custom Made ODST

Mortal Combat Action Figures

Mortal Combat Action FiguresMortal Combat Action Figures

Mortal Combat Action Figures

Sorry to anyone who’s interested in this, there’s only 3 hrs left 🙁 I forgot to post this two days ago. But anyone who’s reading this now you got some time left!

I thought this was a neat custom Halo Helmet. The seller says he used it for Halloween last year and won first place, so it wouldn’t be a bad investment to buy the helmet, wear it for this years Halloween and win first place prize(hopefully it’s a cash prize!).

There is also a free assault rifle thats also custom made.

If you’re interested click here for Custom Halo Helmet and Rifle!

Other Auctions:
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X-MEN & STREET FIGHTER Figure Lot – If only the seller would split up the Video Game Super Stars figures from the x-men & x-force figures…

Earthworm Jim 1994 BOB & #4 Action Figure New – $9.99

Earthworm Jim 1994 PETER PUPPY Action Figure New – $9.99

TAK Power of JUJU Action Figures LOT – Very cheap!

Sega Dreamcast Calculator Promo From System Release – next time you do your tax returns why not have an official Dreamcast calculator!

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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