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Mortal Kombat Banners, Custom Arcade, Silver Cuff links, and Masks

Just a quick post from me today folks. I’ve got some cool Mortal Kombat items; half of which are unofficial. Don’t worry though, even these custom made unofficial items will raise some eyebrows amongst the MK fans reading.

First up would be the official items. There are 3 vinyl banners up on eBay which are 9’7″ x 6’4″ each. These huge wall covering banners would have been used at a gaming convention or event of some kind. Imagine having a gaming room with the Scorpion vs Sub-Zero banner on one wall, the Scorpion banner on a wall to the left, and the Sub-Zero banner on a wall to the right.

Scorpion Banner

Sub-Zero Banner

Scorpion vs Sub-Zero Banner

MK Airsoft Masks – These masks, based on the pictures, are very well done. Be warned however that items such as this are often sold on eBay with the warning, “hand painted, patterns may vary”. This can mean a sloppy job on every order. The Sub-Zero and Noob masks should be fine though.

Mortal Kombat “9” Custom Arcade – This may look like a real arcade cabinet for the new Mortal Kombat, but it’s actually just a 360 inside with arcade style controls fitted into the play area. It’s very well done and worth considering for the hardcore… I mean, how many people have one of these?

Solid Silver Mortal Kombat Cuff links РThe value of these cuff links are in precious metal. These are pure silver rather than silver plated. The down side? They messed up the MK logo by putting fire coming from the mouth rather than a forked tongue! Oh well, still very cool.

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  • Joseph
    Jun 02, 2011

    Ouch, those banners are expensive. There have been previous ones up, that have gone for $120 or less.

    BTW guys, I just got pictures of my collection! I uploaded it to General Gaming, lots of pictures. Check it out! And let me know what you guys think! I also uploaded it to

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