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Mr. Gimmick Complete, Old Donkey Kong Poster, Rare Sonic Soundtracks

Mr. Gimmick is a rare NES title that was only released by Sunsoft in Japan(1992) as Gimmick!, and in Scandinavian countries(1993) as Mr. Gimmick. Although many NES collectors say the Scandinavian version rarer, the Japanese version is almost as rare as they are uncommon to find on YJA. Also to note, you are able to play the PAL version on the Top Loader if you want to purchase this game down the road.

Back in 1992, Mr. Gimmick got a review by Electronic Gaming Monthly, however, the game never got released in North America and no one is really sure about the reason. But like any game, there’s always rumors floating around. I believe the bottom line was mostly due to the fact of the game being unsuccessful upon it’s release. Not sure why it didn’t do well as many will agree that the game play is a lot of fun.

If you ever listen to the music in the game, you’ll notice it is better than your typical NES game music. This is because the sound chip in the Gimmick cartridge is a variant of the General Instrument AY-3-8910, which is used in the ZX Spectrum and Atari ST computers, as well as a bunch of arcade games(I love you LongPlay!). The sound chip was stripped upon the release in Scandinavia which might have played a small role in the poor performance.

Currently there’s a Mr. Gimmick for auction with an insane price tag. It is complete which is very rare to find, but definitely not worth the asking price.

Mr. Gimmick Complete Auction


If you just want the game itself, there is one on regular auction with a starting bid of $249 :

Mr. Gimmick Cart Only Auction

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