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Ms. Pac-Man Standee, Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter Controllers, Guitar Hero Signed by Rob Zombie

We’re a bit all over the place with today’s auctions but there’s something to be said about variety. You’ll find that the items, on the most part, have nothing to do with the other. I expect everyone will find something of interest…

Nintendo Employee Coat – This quality coat was only given to Nintendo Employees. It looks pretty good which is a bonus because often, with jackets like this, the colours can be a little too bright.

Ms. Pac-Man Atari 2600 Standee – It’s very rare for standees of this age to maintain condition such as this over time. The price is… umm… harsh. Even though it is an animated standee that uses a battery to move Ms. Pac-Man side to side, I strongly suggest contacting the seller with a lower offer.

Bioshock Collectibles Bundle – Seller xkain711 has decided to let go of their Bioshock collectibles. There’s some great stuff here and bids have started at $0.99…

We are Rock-Men Album – Most Mega Man fans can agree that the soundtrack from nearly (if not every) title is awesome. This CD has an incredible arrangement of tracks from the original series as well as the Rock Man/Mega Man X series performed by the duo Rock-Men. Check out this video for a taste of their sound…

Hitman Tie – The red tie is a signature look from the Hitman series. It’s great that they decided to make a promo tie. Very nice touch…

Guitar Hero Guitar Signed by Rob Zombie – Any Rob Zombie fans out there? Sure, it would be better to have him sign a real guitar, but if you’re a Guitar Hero player and like his music, this is quite a big deal.

The Best Videogame Artwork of All Time – An odd title for such a small book but it covers a large stretch of time. Bids starting at $0.99

Activision T-Shirt – Very basic here people. A great Activision t-shirt for fans of their games. Game on…

Mortal Kombat Playstation Controllers – Two boxed controllers in this auction. You get the Scorpion and Baraka controllers and the price is very good.

Street Fighter Playstation Controllers – Same seller from the auction above, this auction is for another two boxed controllers. Chun Li and Ken from Street Fighter.

Gameboy Color Pokemon Center Version – The pictured box may be in rough shape, but the price is balanced in this regard. The seller has 4 of these, so you may get one in better condition.

Sega Saturn Joypad AI – I miss the days when a program pad was a big deal lol. I decided to include this auction just because it brought back some memories.

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