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Murder of Crow Vigor Bottle,Amazing Nintendo Auctions,Official Earthbound Poster and More!

There’s so many video game auctions to post today that it will probably take me all night to list them. But I’ll just breifly talk about what’s being featured and let you guys handle the rest :).

Official Earthbound Poster
Seller manticorps seems to have gone on a selling spree. He’s listed a bunch of rare and interesting video game auctions that you don’t see on eBay much. For example he has listed a bunch of Nintendo prototype display mockup’s for games like Zelda Oracle of Ages/Seasons, a StarFox 64 display concept, and more. He also has some great Street fight II posters including the original Street Fighter II Super Nintendo promo poster which I haven’t seen in ages! Just the list price of those posters are worth it but he has a best-offer on most of his items. Here are his top auctions:

Earthbound Super Nintendo Display Poster Promo Store Vintage SNES – I wonder how much this one will sell for?
Nintendo Banner Promo Display Sign Rare 1990s Vintage Store Employee
Earthbound Super Nintendo Display Promo Store Vintage SNES Advertising
Nintendo Zelda Starfox Gameboy N64 64 Promo Display Prototype 
Zelda Oracle of Ages Promo Display Prototype Nintendo Promotional Mockup
Street Fighter II 2 Original SNES Super Nintendo Poster Promo Capcom Display

If you want to check out all the items he has up (and he has some amazing stuff) click here to go to his store. Thanks **JJ!!

Other Video Game Auctions:
1988 Nintendo NES Mike Tyson Punchout Store Display and original box
Legend Of Zelda Triforce Men’s Flip Flops Nintendo Promo Skyward Sword
Micro Genuis The Nintendo Clone system – I had one of these when I was younger 🙂
Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 3D Scroll
Final Fantasy Moogle Mog RARE unique Artemicion figure sculpture
Nintendo Dolphin AMC DDH Development System Prototype
Bioshock Infinite Official Replica of the Murder of Crow Vigor Bottle Signed
Limited Edition WE Bio Hazard M9: Resident Evil Stars M9 Airsoft GBB Replica
Msx Konami Synthesizer Sound Creator Complete – This would be so cool to own and jam to some beats! Thanks **Yohei!!

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


  • Jonathan
    Feb 29, 2012

    That Earthbound poster is in pretty good condition. How much is it really worth?

  • Akira
    Feb 29, 2012

    Sold for $2,499… damn. Earthbound fans stop at nothing to get what they want lol

  • Joseph
    Feb 29, 2012

    Earthbound fans are hardcore to the fullest.

  • prezzer
    Mar 01, 2012

    u gotta be 1 stupid ass to buy that for 2500

  • John
    Mar 03, 2012

    Someone came into work the other day wanting $400 for his Earthbound cart and referenced this site. Earthbound fans are crazy dedicated.

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