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Myst Channelwood Age Poster, WoW Employee Travel Bag, Katamari Damacy Items

PC games from the 90’s aren’t known for their promo items or collectibles which makes a find like today’s first auction a rare pleasure. Most sellers who have items like this however are normally aware of their value and put up high asking prices…

Myst Channelwood Age Poster – Very hard to find and in great condition.

World of Warcraft Employee Travel Bag – Here’s a travel bag for Blizzard employees given sometime before the release of Wrath of the Lich King.

Super Mario Sunshine & Fludd Plush – I don’t think Nightram’s going to give me a “fake!” bitch slap this time. Pretty sure this is official.*cringe*

Dragon’s Dogma Dark Arisen Sling Bag – From WonderCon 2013.

Game of Thrones Visuals From The RPG Book – First bid is $0.99.

Remember Me Signed Poster – Signed by the art director, creative director, and producer at Capcom.

Next up are a few Katamari Damacy items.

Katamari Damacy E3 Promo Prince Mouse Pad

Katamari Damacy Promo Cell Phone Keychain

Katamari Damacy Prince Head PSP Case

And now for a bit of fun…

CLICK HERE to buy this!

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