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MYST Stoneship Age Mug, Sam & Max Un-Numbered Statue, Darksiders II The Book of Death Notebook

Gamers from the PC days of the early 90’s will like the first auction here. It reminds me of the lacking of collectibles for early CD-ROM PC games like the 7th Guest and MYST. Well, here’s one.

MYST Stoneship Age Mug – There are actually three of these mugs out there. Missing are the Mechanical Age and Selenitic Age mugs.

Darksiders II The Book of Death Notebook – The seller mentions this was only given out to the press and through other promos.

Monster Hunter Burned Meat Cushion – It’s hard to tell from the picture but this is actually well over a foot long.

Halo Legends Limited Poster – Part of a series of 7 posters and each was limited to 1500.

Fallout Pip Boy Coasters Sealed  – The seller has a few sealed packs for sale.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection Poster – A full size poster which is nice to see for the Anniversary Collection release rather than a simple fold-out.

Halo 4 Counter Display – A nice multi-layer cardboard display with a digital countdown clock which now blinks “HALO 4”.

Nintendo Banner – Please note this banner is unofficial, so if you just wanted to get your hands on an ordinary banner for cheap then bid here. In great condition but the creases are unfortunate and likely unavoidable.

Fallout New Vegas Notepad – Factory sealed.

Sam & Max Un-Numbered Statue – This statue from Symbiote Studios was, I believe, limited to 1000 but the sellers says that this statue on auction is actually an un-numbered version made for sample display.

Donkey Kong Game Watch Sealed – The price is a problem but this game watch is a little harder to find sealed compared to other game watches.

Halo 4 Smoking Indoors Lithograph Signed by Eddie Smith – First bid is in at $0.99.

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