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N64 Taco Bell Display, Dragon’s Lair Color Book, Twisted Metal Figure

Good morning VGA readers. Where I live spring seems to be around the cornor, although it’s still really cold in the morning. As I’m sitting here, looking out the window in the city where I live I asked myself, “What would happen is Zombies swarmed right now?”. With that thought in mind I wanted to find some Zombie related Video Game stuff but nothing poped up except for Riku’s find of the Plant’s vs Zombies (Which is really fun).

First auction is for the N64 Taco Bell Game display. I always see the Super Mario 3 McDonalds display, but I rarely see the n64 Taco Bell one. The seller says and I quote, “WOW! How cool is this. Have you ever seen one of these for sale?”, and let me answer that by saying yes, I have. But only a few times. So I will give credit for it’s rarity indeed. The display was used to showcase Nintendo items Tacbo Bell had with their kid’s meal. It had a Mario Maze, a Yoshi Figure, and a StarFox 64 Shootout just to name a few. There were 5 toys in this set. Really nice to have in your collection.

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