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Namco and Sega Gameplay Laser Discs, Very Rare Games and Game & Watch Games

Let’s take a look at some random and fairly obscure items that are up on eBay right now. Even if you’ve seen or heard of these before, there’s a very good chance you aren’t be able to play them (anyone out there have a laser disc player?). Below are several auctions for gameplay laser discs for titles from Namco and Sega. Every auction began at $0.99 but a few buyers spotted them before I did and put in the minimum bids. A couple have others who are interested and perhaps you guys here visiting VGA will now be topping every current bid…

Namco Theater 6 Galaxian 3 Laser Disc

Namco Solvalou Laser Disc

Namco Ridge Racer Laser Disc

Namco StarBlade Laser Disc

Sega After Burner and Super Hang-on Laser Disc

Sega Out Run Laser Disc

Next up you will find a bunch of very rare games, Game & Watch games complete and an M82 demo unit…

Nintendo M82 PAL Demo Unit

Clayfighter Sculptor’s Cut Boxed – Only 20,000 made and released as a Blockbuster rental only. Very rare to find the box included.

Jack Bros Complete – Virtual Boy’s pain in the ass to get title for collectors and it’s complete.

Donkey Kong II Game and Watch OEM Box Complete – Bids have already gone over $400 and there are 2 days left.

Donkey Kong Game and Watch Pocketsize Complete – From the same seller as above and getting just as much attention.

Castlevania Dracula X Sealed – Currently over $700 but the reserve hasn’t been met. :/

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