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Nathans Travellers Chest,Sega Saturn Sophia Dev system, User Submissions and More

Today’s video game auctions post is all over the map. There’s some great NES game auctions up along with some nice vintage store displays (Jaguar, PlayStation, Kirby Pillow). Also what’s really cool is the Uncharted 3 Travelling Chest. If you take a look at the auction you’ll see the seller probably has one of the nicest thumb pic’s an auction can have. His chest is on a freaking beach! Ahhh…. the beach.

There’s so many auctions that I’d like to split them up into different sections just to help you. I hope you enjoy todays findings:

User Submissions:
SQOON NES Complete
Donkey Kong Jr. Math Complete
R.C Pro-Am II Pal
Stadium Events Pal
The Flintstones Surprise at Dinosaur Peak Pal

Thanks Adam and markowskicj!!

Store Displays:
Large Playstation One Display Banner 3 feet by 2 feet
Jaguar Atari Banner with Cat Eyes
Rare Nintendo 64 Kirby Hanging Pillow
Metal Gear Solid Coming Soon Poster 1997 Promo Limited Rare – One of the nicest MGS posters I’ve ever seen…
Original Assassin’s Creed Standee

3 Panesian nintendo games hot slots peek a boo poker bubble bath babes
Tekken PlayStation Sealed LONG BOX!– Already passed $400
Sega Saturn Sophia Development System

Uncharted 3 Travelling Chest
Sega Sonic the Hedgehog duffle bag Press
The Maw game sculpture
Borderlands Cl4p-TP Robotic Revolutionary screen print poster
Mass Effect Evolution Hardcover Signed Edition 429/500

Good luck!

CLICK HERE to buy this!


    Jan 29, 2012


  • Kenji
    Jan 29, 2012

    Yes it does have a crack, but still worth that price if not more. I remember getting this sealed myself, actually as a Christmas gift with other PS1 or for the real hardcore gamers “PSX” games like Twisted Metal and Battle Arena Toshindon.

  • Joseph
    Jan 29, 2012

    I love that Uncharted 3 box, I wonder how many of those Explorer Edition’s were made? The list was $140 I believe, now there going for $400 🙂

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